Does research support ads in medical mags?

We are used to the b.s. found in drug ads on TV and radio, however, would hope that the ads in the leading medical magazines would be of high quality. Well, sorry to disappoint you but…….

Here is the link to a study just published in the Journal of Medicine in Holland which investigates the quality of ads in medical magazines:

Here is Ben Goldacre’s rehash of the article:

“The results were abysmal. Only half of the claims in the adverts were actually supported by the specific trials they referenced, and of all the trials, only 55% got a score of “high quality”: overall, only 39.2% of these adverts – in the leading medical journals in the world – referenced a high-quality trial which actually supported their claim.

This is not the first time such a study has been conducted. Villanueva and colleagues, in 2003, published a paper in the Lancet assessing claims for cardiac medication adverts in six Spanish medical journals: of the 102 references they could trace, 44% did not support the promotional statement. Similar results have been found in psychiatric drug adverts, and in the field of rheumatology. “


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