Sweet diabetic treatment ideas turn sour

Three treatment theories to prevent heart problems among Type 2 Diabetics have proven to be useless or even dangerous. Not a good idea to assume a rational sounding idea is actually true, particularly if it involves powerful pharmaceutical.

From the New York Times: http://tiny.cc/Gl8UC
Three aggressive treatment strategies that doctors had expected would prevent heart attacks among people with Type 2 diabetes and some who are the verge of developing it have proven to be ineffective or even harmful, new studies show.

The results are surprising and disappointing, heart and diabetesexperts say. An estimated 21 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes, the kind once known as adult-onset, and they are at enormous risk for heart disease. The only measures proven to reduce their chances — avoiding cigarettes and taking medication to lower bad cholesteroland blood pressure — still leave diabetics with a heart attack risk equivalent to that of a nondiabetic who already had a heart attack.

So doctors began trying other strategies they hoped would help: get blood pressure to a normal range; raise levels of good cholesterol and lower levels of dangerous triglycerides; or modulate sharp upswings in blood sugar after a meal. More: http://tiny.cc/Gl8UC

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