Money, politics and heath care

Be sure to add all of the health care related industries together to better understand the political power of the health industries.  I have put an asterisks next to each of the industries associated with health care.  Of course, a significant segment of the insurance industry is involved with health insurance but those figures are not separated.

from the OpenSecrets website:  

Top Industries

For the year 2009
Or pick an industry from an alphabetical list
or organized by sector& industry of all 121 profiled.

Industry Total
*Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $263,377,975
Business Associations $183,043,730
Oil & Gas $168,282,324
Insurance $164,115,335
Electric Utilities $144,095,503
Computers/Internet $118,911,233
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing $111,559,505
*Hospitals/Nursing Homes $108,351,061
TV/Movies/Music $107,276,953
Education $98,591,135
Securities & Investment $93,288,208
Air Transport $85,359,168
*Health Professionals $84,615,625
Civil Servants/Public Officials $82,771,494
*Health Services/HMOs $72,703,045
Real Estate $67,347,930
Misc Issues $62,219,798
Automotive $60,198,852
Food & Beverage $56,771,216
Defense Aerospace $54,842,611

NOTE: All lobbying expenditures on this page come from the Senate Office of Public Records.

more via OpenSecrets

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