MRSA: The Drug-Resistant Superbug That Wont Die : NPR

This link is to an interview on Fresh Air with Maryn McKenna author of the newly published book Superbug.  The interview covers many interesting topic and is available in audio as well as print.  

Ms. McKENNA: People who are in hospitals are really good targets for infection. If you were a bacterium, youd probably really like to live in them because their immune systems are damped down in a number of ways.They might be elderly. They might be taking chemotherapy, either for HIV or for cancer. They might have had a lot of other antibiotics already that damp down the immune system. They might have a lot of cuts in their skin because of lines and IVs going in and out. So they present both a lot of portals through which bacteria can enter, and also reduced defenses in the body once the bacteria get in.And in addition, theres really tight concentrations of lots of people who share those conditions, who are friendly places for bacteria to grow. And so theres a sort of its just a very sweet target for bacteria. Once theyre in there, they find it a very fruitful place to be.

via MRSA: The Drug-Resistant Superbug That Wont Die : NPR.


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