Fosamax Whitewash Unconvincing

I have grave concerns with any drug which has dire side effects especially when the benefits of the drug are minimal at best.  Such is my concern with the drug, fosamax. In addition, to being of questionable benefit, fosamax is expensive and leads to incidents of jaw necrosis and spontaneous femur fractures.  Yes, these incidents are fairly rare and with a truly beneficial drug might be tolerable.  Is fosamax such a drug?  I doubt it.

This item on fosamax is from Jeffrey Dach M.D.’s blog. You’ll find the link to the complete article with graphics at the end.

A recent NEJM article by Dennis Black MD denying a link between Fosamax and spontaneous mid-femur fractures has many doctors raising their eyebrows.  Firstly, there is the problem of conflict of interest.  The study was funded by Fosamax maker, Merck, and the authors are all on Merck’s payroll. 

Above left image fosamax induce fracture courtesy of Dr Lane Nejm.

Secondly, a number of flaws in the study are brought out by Dr Elizabeth Shane who says in a NEJM Editorial: No Xray data was presented, although every patient with a fracture had xrays.  The women were on Fosamax for shorter time and lower dosage required to generate the femur fractures. The statistics of the study was questioned.

In spite of Dr Black’s reassuring report, Dr Elizabeth Shane still recommends a drug holiday. This is a polite way of saying, “STOP THE DRUG”.  Dr Shane says: “it is reasonable to consider drug holidays

via Jeffrey Dach MD Bio-Identical Hormone Blog: Fosamax Whitewash Unconvincing by Jeffrey Dach MD.


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