Ambien and Uncontrollable Nocturnal Binges



Attention those of you who may take ambien to help you sleep. One important side effect is your refrigerator may be emptier in the morning. From the Clinical Correlations site.

A number of studies have shown that zolpidem (Ambien), the most commonly prescribed sleep-inducing medication on the market, can produce uncontrollable nocturnal eating behavior among users.  Sleep related eating disorder (SRED) is characterized by partial arousals from sleep to ingest food, usually within the first three hours after sleep onset, occurring one to six times per night.1  Patients describe an “automatic” inclination to eat and an inability to return to sleep unless they eat.  The foods are often high in calories and ingested in massive quantities

via Zolpidem and Uncontrollable Nocturnal Eating Binges | Clinical Correlations.


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