Urology studies often leave out bad news

Call me a nervous “weenie” but I don’t want anyone operating on my genitals unless they and I know the fullest possible information on both benefits and harms.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Reports of study results of new urological treatments frequently don’t include full information on their potential harms, a new analysis of the medical literature shows.


“We found considerable deficiencies in harm reporting that do not seem to be improving with time,” Dr. Rodney H. Breau of Ottawa University Hospital in Canada, and his colleagues say. Without this information, they add, “it is impossible to make strong recommendations for or against a treatment.”

Reports on medical and surgical treatments often leave out information on adverse effects, even if that information had been gathered during the clinical trial, Breau and his colleagues note. Their study is the first to look specifically at the field of urology, the medical specialty focusing on the urinary tract and urogenital system…

via Urology treatment studies often leave out bad news | Reuters.


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