Time, bureaucracy, money, and c-sections

An excellent comment was made to my post Lawsuit and High C-Section Rates, so excellent that I am promoting it to a  post of its own.  Thanks, Melissa.  

From Melissa at  http://www.essentialbirthconsulting.com.au

…time is a critical factor. Yes, you can spend hours with women, going through all their options, the pros and cons of each and help them to find the best solution for them. This process all takes time, and the health system is not set up to give women the time that is needed. It is much easier (when working in the system) to give patients information that steers them in a certain direction,rather than give all the information. If the woman chooses something that is not hospital policy, the clinician’s workload is siddenly increased: escalation policies come into play, management is notified, senior clinicians come to talk to the patient and so on. It is much quicker (and more efficient) to make the decision for the woman and not to give her choices.


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