The Medical Contrarian on medical “paperwork”

The Medical Contrarian has written an important response to my earlier post  Doctors and Patients, Lost in Paperwork.

from the Medical Contrarian

… independent of all the mandates and billing documentation our writing and documentation  requirements would have and will continue to increase in the future.

The reason is simple. Medicine has moved from a solo, lone wolf activity to a team activity. As well specialize more and more and participate more as a cog in a larger team, our need to communicate with other team members will increase. The safety of patients absolutely requires better communication between health care team members. That communication can only occur by taking time, generally not in the presence of patients, to reflect and document what you are thinking in a format that can be seen and digested by other health care professionals participating and making decisions relevant to a given patient.

much more via The Medical Contrarian: A contrarian view of medical “paperwork”.

from Medical Skeptic:

As healthcare providers have to spend more and more time on documentation to satisfy government and corporate bureaucratic requirements, at a certain point, this will begin to interfere will the more important need to communicate with other members of the patients healthcare team.  

Public school teachers, policemen, and the military, etc. can testify to this tendency.  

To me, there is a need in all these areas for some government or corporate oversight.  The challenge is always to find a way to balance all these needs so the people who are supposed to benefit from these services can gain the most benefit.


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