Review of the book Bending Science

Here is a review by Sheldon Krimsky of the 2009 book Bending Science which is an in depth exploration of how corporations, politicians, etc. manipulate “science” to protect their financial and power interests.

I recommend the book as a way to learn the reality of how science is used in the work-a-day rough and tumble world  as opposed to the mythological view of how science is used.


….Bending Science explores the multifarious ways that science has been distorted when its goals and practices are superseded by profits, issues of liability, politics, and industrial competitiveness. The book is structured around six core themes: “Shaping Science” (the use of contract research to acquire support for preexisting views); “Hiding Science” (suppressing knowledge that politically or economically motivated funders dislike); “Attacking Science” (manufacturing uncertainty around sound scientific results); “Harassing Scientists” (using litigation to force scientists to defend their published results in court); “Packaging Science” (selecting scientists to reach a predetermined outcome); and “Spinning Science” (reinterpreting or falsely interpreting scientific results to meet non-scientific agendas). A wealth of both vignettes and historical cases illustrate these six themes.

This book is a welcome addition to a new body of work that explores the ideological underpinnings of efforts to construct or reconstruct a scientific record by methods that compromise scientific integrity. Among this new generation of work I would include my own book Science in the Private Interest, Seth Shulman’s Undermining Science, David Michael’s Doubt Is Their Product, and Chris Mooney’s The Republican War on Science….

via Review of Bending Science: How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research – Chemical Heritage Magazine.


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