On unpublished drug trials for stroke

Interesting investigation of unpublished stroke studies which points out how this a waste of money, talent and trial participants.

The subject of ‘unpublished studies’ is an important one as it severely skews the effects of published studies which typically select studies with positive results and neglect those with ‘negative’ results.

from Science News written and  by Janet Raloff

Each year, some 15 million people suffer a stroke, the sudden interruption of blood supplies to the brain; it’s usually due to ischemia, the blockage of arteries. Yet important details from roughly one in five drug trials for the acute treatment of this (far and away the most common type of stroke) have never entered the public domain, a new study finds.

The masked data come from 125 trials that together involved more than 16,000 participants and tests of 89 different drugs.

Burying trial data – whether intentional or not – “sets aside the altruism of participants” to become guinea pigs for the greater good, says study author Peter Sandercock, a neurologist specializing in stroke. At least as importantly, he maintains, it “potentially biases the assessment of the effects of therapies and may lead to premature discontinuation of research into promising treatments.”

much much more via Data From Many Drug Trials For Stroke Go Unpublished – Science News.


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