Write it and they will sign it

An egregious example of “ghostwriting” that occurred after hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was implicated in increased cancer and heart attack risks, etc.

from   GoozNews 

Last summer, documents uncovered in a lawsuit against Wyeth-Ayerst, the manufacturer of hormone replacement therapy, revealed that 26 journal articles touting HRT for post-menopausal women written after serious risks had become known were ghostwritten by Wyeth consultants. A new study of the five most prolific authors of HRT-related editorials, clinical practice guidelines and reviews over the same period reveals they not only were they on Wyeths payroll, but they failed to disclose that fact 95 percent of the time.The study was conducted by Greek researchers led by John Ioannidis, who splits time between Tufts University in Boston and the University of Ioannina School of Medicine. They did a comprehensive search of medical opinion pieces on HRT written in the wake of the 2002 Womens Health Initiative WHI, which revealed that taking hormones to relieve the symptoms of menopause increased womens risk of contracting breast cancer, heart disease and dementia. Sales slumped sharply in the wake of that study.But over the next six years, five researchers with ties to Wyeth published 110 reviews, guidelines and editorials that continued to push HRT, often with non-scientific headlines like “The pendulum swings back; estrogen is now beneficial if started at the right time”; “Estrogens and womens health: A scary or a fairy tale?” and “Should epidemiology, the media and quangosdetermine clinical practice?”

more via Save Hormone Replacement Therapy! Five Docs on a Mission | Gooznews.


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