Orgasms! Buy your orgasms, right here!!

For anyone with a wry sense of humor, this is the time to be living. Everyday, in the pursuit of dollars and power, reality just gets stranger and stranger.

It takes a wary eye to know which faces, breasts, tummies, buttocks, vaginas and penises are real and which are created by skillful physicians. And now, here it comes, Ladies and Gentlemen, female orgasms in a bottle (well,maybe it comes. The data looks pretty weak).

Now there is a new documentary to help us understand this latest development. The movie is called Orgasm Inc.

Here is a part of the Newsweek review:

You can’t help but feel the anguish of Charletta, a charming 60-something Southerner who appears prominently in Liz Canner’s new documentary, Orgasm Inc. Charletta is so distraught about her inability to achieve orgasm simultaneously with her husband during intercourse that she agrees to be a test subject for a bizarre invention called an “orgasmatron.” But inserting this questionable device in her spine stimulates only her left leg, which shakes uncontrollably when she flips a switch. After the orgasmatron is removed, Charletta shares with Canner her distress at being such a freak. “Not only am I not normal, I’m diseased,” she says. But under questioning by Canner, Charletta discloses that she can, in fact, achieve orgasm in other ways. When Canner tells her that makes her “normal,” since 70 percent of women don’t reach orgasm during coitus, Charletta is stunned. By the end of the film, she seems like a new woman. With a big smile on her face, she tells Canner, “I accept myself the way I am.” If more women could make such a statement, Canner wouldn’t have spent much of the last decade making Orgasm Inc. But the film, which has its New York premiere May 27 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, is a desperately needed antidote to all the hype generated by pharmaceutical companies pursuing their holy grail: a female Viagra. Canner hit on the topic after years of doing documentaries on subjects like human-rights abuses, police brutality, and poverty. Looking for something more upbeat, she was researching female sexuality when she got a call from the pharmaceutical company Vivus, which wanted her to create erotic videos to use in their clinical study of an “orgasm cream” for women…

more via Newsweek

and the movie site Orgasm Inc

link to an interview with the director, Liz Canner, in Salon

link to Jim Edwards at BNET Pharma Blog


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