Who are the Pandemic WHO experts?

A lengthy article in the British Medical Journal(BMJ) seriously questions whether WHO (World Health Organization) was too heavily influenced by “experts” with financial and research ties with Big Pharma.

To access the entire article you will have to register at the BMJ website. Registering is easy and access to this article is free.

from WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”
Deborah Cohen, features editor, BMJ, Philip Carter, journalist, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London

…A joint investigation by the BMJ and the Bureau of InvestigativeJournalism has uncovered evidence that raises troubling questionsabout how WHO managed conflicts of interest among the scientistswho advised its pandemic planning, and about the transparencyof the science underlying its advice to governments. Was itappropriate for WHO to take advice from experts who had declarablefinancial and research ties with pharmaceutical companies producingantivirals and influenza vaccines? Why was key WHO guidanceauthored by an influenza expert who had received payment forother work from Roche, manufacturers of oseltamivir, and GlaxoSmithKline,manufacturers of zanamivir? And why does the composition ofthe emergency committee from which Chan sought guidance remaina secret known only to those within WHO? We are left wonderingwhether major public health organisations are able to effectivelymanage the conflicts of interest that are inherent in medicalscience…

..The investigation by the BMJ/The Bureau reveals a system strugglingto manage the inherent conflict between the pharmaceutical industry,WHO, and the global public health system, which all draw onthe same pool of scientific experts. Our investigation has identifiedkey scientists involved in WHO pandemic planning who had declarableinterests, some of whom are or have been funded by pharmaceuticalfirms that stood to gain from the guidance they were drafting.Yet these interests have never been publicly disclosed by WHOand, despite repeated requests from the BMJ/The Bureau, WHOhas failed to provide any details about whether such conflictswere declared by the relevant experts and what, if anything,was done about them….

much much more via BMJ


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