On technophilia and health care costs

In this article, Richard Reece M.D. discusses how America’s love affair with machines works to add significantly to overall health care costs. Certainly, this is part of the equation along with the fantasy that medicine has the “answers” and can fix whatever is the matter. Of course, both the medical news and the pharmaceutical and device ads encourage these sorts of fantasy.

from Richard Reece M.D. at KevinMD.com

..Obsession with medical technologies and machines characterizes American’s cultural expectations. We tend to think of our bodies as perpetual motion machines, to be preserved in perpetuity.

If the face of our machines sag, we lift it up. If our pipes clog, we roto-rooter or stent them. If impurities gum up our machinery, we filter them out. If our joints give out or lock up, we replace them. If we want to remove something in the machine’s interior, we take it out through a laparoscope. If the fuel or metabolic mix is wrong, we alter the mix or correct the metabolic defect with drugs. If anything else goes wrong, we diagnose it and rearrange it electronically.

We are reluctant to let nature take its course. We rely on technology and machines to do the job of keeping us looking young, active, functioning , and alive. This fixation on machines and technology is the big reason American health care is 50% more costly than that of other nations. With rapid access to machines and our reliance on them, we deliver a different product than other countries — more technology and machines, faster and more often….

much more via Machine and technology fixation is why health costs are high


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