What me worry about bribery?

The majority of physicians and surgeons seem confident that, while bribery may work on other physicians and surgeons, it doesn’t work on them. Therefore, it is quite okay to receive gifts, payments, etc.

Apparently, all those congressional investigators, ethicists and conflict of interest committee members are just nervous nellies, getting upset about nothing.

And, of course, it should be obvious to the rest of us that the pharmaceutical and medical device companies spend all that money on swag, samples, meals, junkets, honorarium etc. just cause they like to spend money.

here is an article on this matter from Kate Petersen, PostScript blogger

A new survey of physicians published in the JAMA Archives of Surgery this week suggests that across specialties, the majority of physicians still hold a positive attitude about gifts and meals from pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Confirming what previous studies on marketing influence have found, cognitive dissonance was at work here: the majority of the 590 respondents (52.2 percent), who worked at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals, believed that receiving industry gifts and meals influenced other physicians’ prescribing, but just about one-third believed that they themselves were influenced by gifts and meals.Earlier studies quantifying physician attitudes have suggested an even greater differential…

much more at How much do physicians know about their COI policy?


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