We want our booty!!

This post goes nicely with the early post today, What me worry about bribery? .

The medical groups said, “Boo!!” and some Massachusetts politicians have started shaking. It will be interesting to track this story to see if enough legislators stand together to stop this attempt to overturn the ban on gifts to doctors.

The story is scanty on details, so maybe, it is just an attempt to modify the ban in minor ways, but the implication is that it is an attempt to ban the ban.

Can it be that for some medical groups, industries and political allies, money is more important than ethical behavior?

from the Boston Herald written by Jay Fitzgerald

The state’s first-in-the-nation law banning gifts to doctors from pharmaceutical and medical-device companies would be scrapped after only two years under an economic-development bill unveiled yesterday by House Democrats.

House Democrats signaled that the ban – which has infuriated some doctors and the life-sciences and hospitality industries – has ended up doing more harm than good for the state’s economy.

Democrats described it as having “severely impacted the profitability” of local businesses.

Since the ban was passed in 2008, some medical groups have threatened to bypass Boston for future conventions, while others have complained it has made Massachusetts appear hostile to the biotech and medical-device industry in general.

The House proposal, released by Speaker Robert DeLeo’s office, stunned both opponents and supporters alike, considering the ban was enacted only two years ago after being touted as a pioneering effort to rein in drug and medical-device costs.

more via Doctors could see Christmas in July

here is a link with additional information via the Wall Street Journal blog post

Lawmakers Propose Banning the Mass. PhysicianGift Ban

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