Psychiatry, Drugs, Drug Reps Revealed by Insider

Psychiatrist Dan Carlat is an excellent guide into the worlds of pharmaceuticals, drug reps, the use of physicans to push drugs and the mix-up world of psychiatry. Here is an excerpt and a link to an interview with Dr. Carlat on the NPR program Fresh Air.

excerpt below from an interview with Dan Carlat on Fresh Air
audio and transcript are available at the link

…Two years ago, a psychiatrist created a stir in his profession with a piece in the New York Times magazine called “Dr. Drug Rep,” in which he told his story of being paid to push the antidepressant Effexor to his colleagues.

The psychiatrist, Daniel Carlat, joins us today to talk about his new book called “Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry.” But it isn’t just about the influence of drug companies in the profession. Carlat believes in prescribing medication, but he says too many psychiatrists have all but abandoned talk therapy, leaving in-depth interaction with patients to others while they pursue medical fixes for mood problems and mental disorders…

much more at Fresh Air

here is a link to the NYT piece “Dr. Drug Rep

here is a link to The Carlat Psychiatry Blog


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