On Car and Catheter Deaths

Do you know that almost as many people die from catheter-related infections each year as die in car accidents  ?

Catheter related deaths ~30,000)
Vehicle related deaths ~34,000 in 2008

Do you know that the most of these catheter-related infections can be prevented by carefully following simple rules of hygiene?

You do know that sometimes the drivers responsible for causing a car death are prosecuted for committing a crime.

Almost no one responsible for a catheter death is ever prosecuted.

excerpt below via Washington Post written by N.C. Aizenman

…An estimated 80,000 patients per year develop catheter-related bloodstream infections, or CRBSIs — which can occur when tubes that are inserted into a vein to monitor blood flow or deliver medication and nutrients are improperly prepared or left in longer than necessary. About 30,000 patients die as a result, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accounting for nearly a third of annual deaths from hospital-acquired infections in the United States.

Yet evidence suggests hospital workers could all but eliminate CRBSIs by following a five-step checklist that is stunningly basic: (1) Wash hands with soap; (2) clean patient’s skin with an effective antiseptic; (3) put sterile drapes over the entire patient; (4) wear a sterile mask, hat, gown and gloves; (5) put a sterile dressing over the catheter site…

much more at Hospital Infection Deaths...

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