Medskep’s tweet roundup for 1/4/13

Safety hazards in labs are real & often due to health & safety officials and regulations.  

5 Historical Manias That Gripped Societies, Then Disappeared – HT @mocost
The Most Despised Science Book of 2012 is … worth reading Very intriguing review of Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos
Thomas Nagel is not crazy
What Can You Really Know? by Freeman Dyson |
 He (Wittgenstein) remained silent for a long time and then said, “Which newspaper do you represent?”
I find it convenient to lump them into two big groups, one obsessed with matter and the other obsessed with mind.
The reason I did not like the argument was that I did not like the conclusion.
I put narrow limits on science, but I recognize other sources of human wisdom going beyond science.
Workers with low wages more likely to develop hypertension
Flawed Statistics Make Almost Everyone’s Brain “Abnormal”
If fat is unhealthy, why are overweight people less likely to die? 12 points to consider HT @KLomangino
Et Tu, Pelvic Exams? Half of doctors said it was important to do the test to “ensure adequate compensation.” 
Making a Case for the Medical Checkup IMHO she actually trying to make the case for having so many doctors
If firemen weren’t allowed to hang around the firehouse a lot but were only paid when fighting fire, they would be very tempted to set fires to put out.
Prostate cancer treatment side effect no one talks about (Penis) shrinkage Author tweets @debkotz2 
Human milk microbiome changes over lactation and is shaped by maternal weight and mode of delivery.



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